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The main workshops are:

The drop-in sessions are:

  • Bee keeping
  • Seed saving
  • Herb propagation

See below and check the programme (PDF) for timings and other details.

Main Workshop Tent

1:30 - 2pm : Seed saving

Saving your seeds is easy and very satisfying. Learn all you need to know to give it a go at this short 30min workshop run by local expert RISC's roof garden's lead volunteer Mary Tindall.

Why save your own seeds?

  • Create new varieties adapted to your growing conditions, your tastes!
  • Save money by saving your own seeds and/or trading with other seed-savers
  • Preserve the genetic diversity of our heirloom food plants
  • Set your own personal breeding goals instead of the commercial goals of agribusiness seed breeders
  • Help retain plants' pest resistance
  • Feel satisfied, empowered and connected

2:15 - 3pm : Bee keeping

Reading Beekeepers share "All the buzz about bees" - an introduction to beekeeping. Learn about bees, their hive, what it takes to keep them and what you can do in your garden to help.

3:15 - 4pm : Herb propagation

Grow our own herbs - having fresh herbs to hand when you are cooking gives your food a real flavour boost. The good news is that they are very easy to grow at home and you don't have to have a garden, as many are happy in window boxes or pots. Find out how to get started at this introductory workshop run by Food4families own experienced tutors.

Town Meal Tent

The Town Meal will be served by staff and students from Reading College from around 12:30pm.

2:30 - 3:15pm : Making childrens pizza with Tinka Tots

If you would be interested in running a workshop at a future Town Meal, or you have an idea for a workshop topic, please contact us.

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