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Following the success of last year's online workshops, some of which can be viewed online from the Online Workshops 2020 page, this year we are going to run a mixture of online workshops and drop-in workshops throughout the event.

Online Workshops

Online workshops are as follows:

Mon 20 Sept at 7pmThe Fungi Farmer guide to mycologyView recording
Tues 21 Sept at 7pmReading's Climate Action Plan 2020-25:
achievements so far and how can you help?
View recording
Wed 22 Sept at 7pmThe surprising impacts of our food choicesView recording
Thurs 23 Sept at 7pmIs climate on the menu at trade talks?View recording

Fungi FarmerThe Fungi Farmer guide to mycology

7pm on Monday 20th September - Fungi Farmer

Whether you are looking for a new hobby, feeding your family or growing medicine, mycology is a fascinatingly weird world. The basics of growing edible mushrooms can be learned in half an hour but it can take a lifetime to master it. Mushrooms have a way of finding every gap in your knowledge. Let me introduce you to my methods of growing mushrooms at home.

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ReadingCAN Climate Action NetworkReading's Climate Action Plan 2020-25: achievements so far and how can you help?

7pm on Tuesday 21st September - Reading Climate Action Network

Despite Covid, there's been a lot of work in the last year to deliver parts of the Action Plan and we'll cover a few of the highlights such as the Reading hydro scheme, new grass mowing regimes in parks, verges and roundabouts, a new mini-forest and a woodland regeneration area.

Delivering the Action Plan isn't something for "them" to do, but for "us". The second part of this session is to discuss how you can help through personal actions or by encouraging partnerships for change at work, school or local community societies.

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The surprising impacts of our food choices flyerThe surprising impacts of our food choices

7pm on Wednesday 22nd September - Anthony Simpson

Beyond often conflicting media headlines, Anthony will be presenting surprising research on the wide range of impacts of our food choices. The purpose of this talk is to improve the quality of our conversations about individual and collective environmental action, and specifically about how we can adjust our food choices towards a net zero carbon society.

Anthony has an MSc in Renewable Energy and Sustainability and has been a climate change campaigner for nearly 20 years. Through reading scientific, industry and government reports and research from around the world, Anthony has compiled a considerable amount of research across a broad range of topics, including the most important aspects of our food system. He brings much greater clarity about the most important things that we can do to respond to the growing threat of environmental collapse, including climate change.

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Global Justice ReadingIs climate on the menu at trade talks?

7pm on Thursday 23rd September - Global Justice Reading

Trade deals are powerful. Governments give trade rules teeth - make them strong and enforceable with sanctions if you break them. Whereas climate goals and food standards are mainly voluntary.

We need to reverse that - to make trade rules subservient to climate goals as well as to human rights and international health objectives.

The inspiring Jean Blaylock, from Global Justice Now, has immersed herself in trade and food issues for over 15 years. She will give us up-to-date information about what is happening as an increasing number of people are joining the campaign against these trade agreements.

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If you would be interested in running a workshop at a future Town Meal, or you have an idea for a workshop topic, please contact us.

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