Scrutting apples
Stalls at the Town Meal
Pumpkins growing
Vegetables on supermarket shelves
Boxes of fruit and vegetables
Audience for a demo
Onions growing
Children playing with bubbles
Stand selling hot drinks
Apple rings to try
Community stall
Apple pressing
Salad in a container
Pumpkins and tomatoes
Apple chopping on the Reading Food Growing Network stand
Donated pumpkins and squashes
Donated vegetables

Community Groups

Lots of different community groups will be setting out their stalls at the Reading Town Meal. Find out about them here and get a sneak preview of what they will be offering on the day - from freshly pressed apple juice to crafting with waste!

Abundance Apple Pressing and Reading Food Growing Network

Reading Food Growing NetworkReading Food Growing Network (RFGN) is a Reading-wide network of gardeners and allotment holders sharing produce and skills. They are teaming up with Transition Town Reading's Abundance project and their lovely apple press to make some delicious juice for the Town Meal and will also have their Seed Swap boxes available.

Arthur Hill - Save Our Swimming Community Interest Company

Arthur Hill - Save Our Swimming Community Interest CompanyOur company was set up with the aim of re-opening Arthur Hill swimming pool in East Reading, which was closed by the Council at the end of last year, and to promote swimming, sport, and healthy lifestyles. Come along and take our Fitness Challenge - you might win a prize!

Berkshire Greenpeace

GreenpeaceUses campaigning and action to protect the environment nationally and globally. We will be engaging the public with Greenpeace's main campaigns.


Food4familiesA programme developing community based food-growing projects where people across Reading can learn how to grown their own food together with support from our team of garden tutors.

Free Cakes for Kids

Free cakes for kids ReadingThey connect families who find it difficult to provide a birthday cake for their child with local bakers who enjoy making and decorating cakes.

Global Justice Reading

Global Justice ReadingGlobal Justice Now works in solidarity with activists around the world to tackle the causes of poverty. It researches and promotes positive alternatives which put the rights of poor communities before the interests of big business. Promote Food Sovereignty. Promote swopping seeds, cuttings, surplus plants etc in order to point out the risks of placing our faith in a few large seed corporations to supply our seeds.


LaunchpadLaunchpad is a charity that helps some of Reading's most vulnerable and disadvantaged people to turn their lives around and fulfil their potential.

RAYS (Reading Adopt Your Street)

Reading's Adopt Your Street programme enables individuals, community groups and organisations, such as schools and scout groups, to select a street, open space, park or shopping area to keep tidy through regular clean-ups.

Reading & District Beekeepers Association

Reading Beekeepers beeReading Beekeepers (RBKA) is a friendly group of beekeepers all interested in the promotion and preservation of the Honey Bee. They believe in the practice of good beekeeping and will be selling local beekeepers' honey on the day.

Reading Bicycle Kitchen and Reading Cycle Campaign

Reading Cycle CampaignRBK provides access to low cost bicycle maintenance, workstands and tools, with knowledgable volunteer mechanics on hand to provide advice. RCC is a voluntary organisation that campaigns for better facilities for cyclists in Reading and surrounding areas.

Reading Friends Of The Earth

Friends of the EarthWe are a group of environmentally minded people who enjoy living in an ecofriendly manner and we try to help other interested people to do the same. We coordinate campaigns on a local level in order to help improve local policy and to do our part for national campaigns. Our actions range from holding fun public events with games and displays to holding or participating in meetings in order to help ourselves or others become better informed about key issues.

Reading LETS

Reading LETSLETS stands for Local Exchange Trading Scheme. It's a scheme that allows local people to exchange goods and services with one another without using money. Our currency is called Readies: As a rough guide, 10 Readies is equivalent to one hour's work. Members trade by mutual agreement. A rate in Readies is agreed together with any cash payment to cover materials. The seller then accesses their online account and records the trade when completed. This way you are free to trade with anyone and don't need to return a service to the same person.


SadakaSadaka is a non-profit charity based in Reading with a Muslim ethos of giving without judgement or bias. Working within Greater Reading, we aim to provide food and food boxes to those who are struggling financially, while promoting the common ground between Islam and other faiths to further good relations and understanding.

University of Reading Vegan & Vegetarian Society

University of Reading Vegan and Vegetarian SocietyVegsoc welcomes anyone interested in a veg*n lifestyle, from omnivores adopting more cruelty-free habits to lifelong vegetarians and dedicated vegans.

Please get in touch if you would be interested in having a stall at a future town meal.

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