Planting out
Bunting in front of the food tent
Volunteers by the control tent
Donated pumpkins and squashes
Apples ready for juicing
Volunteers unloading tables
Weeding the strawberry bed
Apple chopping on the Reading Food Growing Network stand
Donated vegetables

Get involved

Could you be a Town Meal volunteer? Your contributions will ensure a successful event.

There are a variety of roles available both before the event and on the day itself. You can sign up for more than one volunteer role - have a look at the list below and fill in the sign up form or contact us at: to become a Town Meal volunteer.

Prior to the event

Christine Christy, one of the hundreds of growers who donated some veg for the first Town Meal said "I gave some squashes and onions last time, just a few but then if everybody gives a bit it all adds up and, when I saw everybody enjoying the meal on the day, it was brilliant to think that my crops were in there as part of that."

Town Meal Growers
Can you grown an extra row of beans? Another line of carrots? Does your apple tree always give more than you can eat? If so, we need your produce! Pledge that extra crop to Reading Town Meal - we will arrange collection from your home, allotment, workplace and you are welcome to come along and share in the Meal on September 25th.
Town Meal Collectors
Can you spare some time in the week leading up the Town Meal (two hours would do)? We need people to collect the donations of fruit and veg and take them to Reading College Kitchen for cooking prior to the event (own transport is not necessary).
Distributing posters and flyers, email correspondence to local community groups, promoting the event across Reading. Posters and flyers can be found on our Spread the word page.
Volunteer Recruitment
Recruiting volunteers through your personal contacts, work, or other voluntary agencies.

On the day

One of the 2011 volunteers said: "I had a brilliant time volunteering at the last Town Meal; it was well organised and I felt really appreciated, but the icing on the cake was just being part of something where people were happy having such a good time."

Check out the roles below and then fill in the volunteer form. Most jobs are allocated in two-hour slots; you may wish to do more, just let us know!

Event Set Up
A good role for the early birds who don't mind a little lifting and carrying. Help out with setting up stall holders stands and tents.
Assist with getting everything to Forbury Gardens before the event and returning it afterwards.
Car Park
At either end of the day we'll need a small team to supervise the car park used by stall holders, ensuring everyone enters and leaves safely.
Distribute flyers on the morning of the Town Meal in the Town Centre to raise awareness of the event and pull in the crowds!
Gate Marshals
Welcome visitors at key points as they arrive at the gardens, answer questions and generally be a smiling presence.
Control Tent
A role for logistics lovers! You'll be at the centre of the action, helping make sure volunteers know where they need to go, that plans are adhered to and generally troubleshooting any issues that arise.
Town Meal Tent
You'll be on hand to ensure the serving of the Meal goes as smoothly as possible and to answer any questions from the public.
Recycling / Clean Up
A vital role to keep the park a tidy and pleasant environment throughout the day. Help out with litter picking and/or manning the recycling bins so that rubbish gets put in the right place!
You'll be responding to issues as they arise in order to make sure the Meal is the best yet. You'll be checking maps, answering questions and generally helping out where you're needed.
Workshop Marshals
Be on hand to help ensure each workshop runs smoothly, that presenters have what they need and encourage members of the public to attend.
Team Leaders
To manage a small team (no more than 4) over a specific time period on the day and on a dedicated task. A great leadership experience!
Break Down
Slightly sad as it means the end of the Meal but absolutely vital. Many hands make light work, so if you are physically fit and able to lift and carry we'd love to have you on the team!

To volunteer fill in the volunteer form or contact us at:

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