Planting out
Volunteers by the control tent
Volunteers unloading tables
Donated vegetables

Get involved

To make this socially distanced event happen we're looking for people to sign up to one or more of the following:

  1. to have your own household Reading Town Meal celebration (using the recipe cards provided to your doorstep by us)
  2. to be a Town Meal Street Host - rallying your neighbours to have their own town meal celebration for the afternoon
  3. to be a Town Meal volunteer supporting the event for example as a:
    • Online workshop speaker
    • Activity resource pack contributor
    • Cook along/demonstration volunteer
    • Promotional material volunteer (to help raise awareness of the event)
    • Trader/Community stallholder contributor (leaflets and/or vouchers from your organisation to be distributed alongside recipe cards to participating households)

Could you be a Town Meal volunteer? Your contributions will ensure a successful event.

Please complete our sign up form or contact us at: to become a Town Meal volunteer.

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