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Online workshops 2020

A combination of live webinars and pre-recorded videos uploaded to the RTM YouTube channel.

Friends of the EarthLess Traffic, Better Town

7pm on Monday 28th September - Reading Friends of the Earth

An environmental critique of the draft Reading Transport Strategy and its approach to carbon, congestion and clean air. "Making the polluters pay" can reduce traffic and fund improved and cheaper bus services and new cycling infrastructure.

Download the "Less Traffic, Better Town " presentation (PDF format)

ReadingCAN Climate Action NetworkOur Climate Emergency Plan 2020-2025: What can you do to help?

7.30pm on Tuesday 29th September - Reading Climate Action Network

Consultation has finished, the Plan is finalised, and now we need to implement it. After a brief introduction to the overall goals from our Chair, some of our theme leads will looked at some of the community actions in more detail and were ready to answer your questions. We covered the new Reading hydro scheme, reducing consumption of "stuff" and providing a better town meal to the non-human Reading residents!

Watch the recording or see the ReadingCAN presentations on their website.

University of ReadingFrom Waste to Value: How to Tackle Food Waste

7pm on Thursday 1st October - University of Reading

How can you act and inspire others to reduce food waste effectively and sustainably? Discover the causes and impact of food loss and food waste, the effect of common retail practices on food loss and reflect on your personal contribution to the problem. Explore the potential of the waste hierarchy and the circular economy providing a framework for solutions to this issue. Through this interactive workshop, discover innovations such as upcycled food and hear from companies that are making a difference. Gain practical ideas on reducing food waste at home and how to be an agent of change on a personal, community, and national level.

eit FoodThese topics are part of a new, free online course launching on 16 Nov 2020, funded by EIT Food and developed by the University of Reading in collaboration with other partners. For more information, see: FutureLearn From Waste to Value: How to Tackle Food Waste

Watch the recording

EIT Food also did a recorded webinar about their mission: EIT Food - Transforming the Food System

Gloabl Justice ReadingChlorine chicken, hormone fed beef and GM Crops. What's really on offer in the US/UK trade deal?

7pm on Friday 2nd October - Global Justice Reading

The proposed trade deal with the US is not just about a few iconic products. US food standards are radically different to Britain's; US agriculture is dominated by massive corporations with intensive use of antibiotics, hormones and steroids.

Why do we need this trade deal? We already trade with the US and experts say that this would have very little impact on our economy. The most optimistic estimates predict it could bring a fraction of a percent growth after 15 years!!

We could still stop this dangerous deal going ahead but what can we do? Join this session to find out.

Compassion in World FarmingEating Meat: Is less and better the way forward?

3pm on Saturday 3rd October - Compassion in World Farming

We think so. A presentation and discussion with members of Compassion in World Farming, the leading farm animal welfare charity.

This talk is for you if you are not ready to go vegan but care about animal welfare, environmental destruction, the climate crisis and your health.

  • Learn how the choices you make effect all of these, and how you can make better ones.
  • Share your views and pick up some ideas.
  • Find out what the strange and confusing words and logos on food labels actually mean.

We promise not to bully you or show horrible pictures of animals in pain, so don't be afraid to join us. Suitable for adults and children of all ages.

Watch the recording

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